Wine Weekend Getaways- San Miguel

Our Wine Weekend Getaways can be customized so that you can see, taste and sip your away around San Miguel de Allende “your way”. Choose your experiences on this 4-night getaway.

San Miguel Cooking Class at Casa de la Noche

Casa de la Noche is partnering with Heart of Mexico Wine Tours to offer you a unique cooking class experience led by Chef Tom.

Wine Lover’s Tour San Miguel

We will enjoy the top wines at the three best wineries in the state of Guanajuato.

Dolores Hidalgo Wine Tour

San Miguel is surrounded by magic towns, and one of the most significant is Dolores Hidalgo. The town is named after Father Hidalgo who taught the townspeople the art of talavera and uttered El Grito– The call that began the Mexican War of Independence against the Spanish in 1810. Shop for talavera, walk through theContinue reading “Dolores Hidalgo Wine Tour”

Customized Tours San Miguel

We know you want a unique experience when you travel, so why not customize your own tour? Whether you are a passionate wine lover who just wants to sip their way around a few wineries or a person more interested in the culture, we can help you plan the perfect tour just for you. ExploreContinue reading “Customized Tours San Miguel”