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Discover the Wine, Food and Culture of Colonial Mexico

Welcome to Heart of Mexico Wine Tours

Heart of Mexico Tours, led by wine experts with 40 + years wine industry experience, brings you the best wineries and cultural experiences in Colonial Mexico. Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Pueblo Magicos, regional cuisine and the finest wines in the Heart of Mexico.

We met 14 years ago over wine…

Tom owned a wine shop, and Tiffany was a wine rep. She walked in, and that was it! 

Tom has worked every position in the wine industry, from crush to regional sales manager. He owned a wine shop in Winter Park, Florida for many years, and that’s where he met Tiffany.

Tiffany started her wine career in a different wine shop before becoming a wine rep for a new distributor of Australian and Spanish wines. Later, she was contracted by a wine marketing firm for events and logistics.

Together, we enjoy sharing our knowledge of wine and our love of Colonial Mexico.


Carefully curated tours designed for you to experience the wines and culture of Colonial Mexico.

  • English speaking guides (Tom and/or Tiffany)
  • Private tours for 2-4 people (perfect for couples)
  • Small group tours can be arranged (5-16)
  • Visit to wineries based on your wine preference
  • Food and wine included
  • We skip the “Wine 101” production tour and concentrate on the drinking
  • Customize your tour to your liking

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San Miguel de Allende

Voted the Best Small City in the World by the Conde Naste Traveler Reader’s Choice Awards in 2017, 2018, and 2020, San Miguel offers art, fine dining, nature and a vibrant wine region.


Queretaro is a big, modern city with a great deal of history. A short distance outside Queretaro is a wine region on the cutting edge of Mexican viticulture. There are many great properties near the Pueblo Magico of Bernal.

Explore Both Cities and Wine Regions!

Choose from 3-7 day tours with hotel, wine tastings and some meals all-included!

Wine Festival Weekend Packages

Book Your Tour

To book a tour, Whatsapp us at (USA) 407-462–3834 or use the form below.



If you are looking for an excellent, curated wine tour, look no further than Heart of Mexico Wine Tours. Tiffany and Tom will arrange everything, and in a professional, knowledgeable and friendly way. We spent 4 nights in Querétaro enjoying the annual wine and cheese fair, as well as visits to wonderful wineries, breweries, restaurants and Pueblos Mágica.

We didn’t have to worry about anything from start to finish. During our tour we were taken to beautiful wineries and were able to taste the excellent wines of Mexico. Paired with the local cheeses, it was an epicureans delight.

We highly recommend Heart of Mexico Wine Tours for your next adventure.


We did a fair amount of research before we booked our wine tour with Heart of Mexico in the Queretaro wine region. Many of the companies offered only one winery visit with a tour of barrels and tanks and the opportunity to taste two tiny tastes of wine selected by the winery.

Heart of Mexico offered a different approach. They give the tours and discuss all of the challenges and unique characteristics of the region (often in the car between wineries). Tom worked for wineries in the U.S. for many years and he said he knows most Americans have already seen barrels and tanks and don’t need to see more. They also allow you to select your own wine and you get full glasses, not an ounce in the glass. Lastly, they visit two or three wineries a day rather than one (we selected three wineries). As a special bonus we got appetizers at each winery which was included in the price.

We concluded our tour feeling like we had learned a tremendous amount about the state of Queretaro in general and the burgeoning wine region in particular. We were plied with food and wine all day long and Tom and Tiffany even offered to takes us to Hercules Cerveceria to cap off the wonderful day. It was a fantastic adventure and well worth the money.


Great experience, it’s not often you can have a delicious meal, learn new skills, enjoy some cold adult beverages and meet fellow enlightened travelers all in the same afternoon.


We were spoiled by Tiffany and Tom’s knowledge and attention. We went with a different tour company the next day to San Miguel, and they didn’t have any interest in sharing the history or culture with us. We are spoiled now.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Tom & Tiffany (T&T) are dynamite hosts! Spent 2 full days in September touring with them through the wine regions of SMA and Queretaro, along with leisurely stops at pueblo magicos along the way. Friendly, flexible, and so accommodating. Their expert knowledge of local wine/wineries and enthusiasm for the region’s culture and history made for a fabulous, memorable time–and two new friends! Can’t recommend highly enough.
    ~Karen from California


  2. My husband and I suffered (lol) through a fairly miserable tour in Queretaro in all Spanish that was rushed and didn’t give us time to learn, ask questions or savor our time there. Out of desperation, I looked for private tours in the area and thankfully I found Heart of Mexico Wine Tours and booked at the last minute because Tiffany was so responsive!! Tiffany salvaged our vacation there. We visited Tequisquiapan, two wineries, had lunch at a wonderful restaurant. Tiffany handled EVERYTHING. Wonderful information, fun conversation, smooth sailing from the moment she picked us up until the time she dropped us off at our hotel. It completely changed our experience in Queretaro and I would recommend Heart of Mexico wine tours to anyone who either isn’t completely fluent in Spanish or who wants a more personal, customized tour with time to shop and savor the experience. Tiffany and Todd are also experts in wine! Why are you still here reading this? Just do it! Book with them!! You won’t be sorry!


  3. We are always looking for a nice wine in Mexico when we visit annually. Do you have some recommendations for Cabs, Shrah, and possibly Pino Grigio.


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