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What to Do, See, and Eat Around Central Mexico

What Can I See in Central Mexico?

You might be overwhelmed with what to do, see, and eat in Central Mexico. No worries! We’ve lived in Central Mexico for almost 4 years, so we have the latest and greatest for you to discover about this unique region.

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Visit These Cheese Farms of Queretaro

Farmland stretches between the big city of Queretaro and the Sierra Gorda mountain range. The surrounding hills and mountains are a nice backdrop to a herd of goats sauntering through the fields to find the most succulent blades of grass to munch on. And this post will focus on one of life’s ultimate pleasures: cheese.

Travel Guide to Hiking Peña de Bernal

Peña de Bernal is supposedly the third largest monolith in the world. More than a year after we moved here, and a few mishaps, we would finally step up to the challenge to explore this popular nature hike plus all the foodie goodness the town is known for.

A Taste of Mexican Life in Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan is the perfect escape from city life. Surrounded by dairy farms and vineyards, Tequisquiapan is an oasis for relaxation with its spas, boutique hotels and countryside activities. 

The Perfect 4-Day Itinerary for Exploring Queretaro

Queretaro’s Centro incorporates more than 204 blocks of history, politics, conspiracies and even a love story, yet it is usually overlooked for its more famous neighbor San Miguel de Allende. There’s so much to see and do that skipping out on this UNESCO World Heritage Site would be a sad mistake.

Artistic Expressions in San Miguel de Allende

Travel & Leisure has named it the Best City in the World in 2017 and 2018 and we can see why. Cobblestone streets, multi-colored buildings, a culinary scene that ranges from street food to fine dining, and exquisite art give San Miguel that real Mexican charm that art lovers desire.

Dine al Fresco at These San Miguel Restaurants

San Miguel de Allende is known for it’s incredible restaurants. Mexican cuisine reigns in this colorful town with regional specialties from the Yucatan to Oaxaca plus international cuisine ranges from pizza to sushi. Regardless of your personal taste, dining al fresco in San Miguel is one of the many pleasures to enjoy in this colorful city.

Restaurants in Centro Queretaro – Where to Eat for Every Budget

Because Queretaro’s Centro is so walkable, we’ve put together a list of restaurants for you to stay close to all the action. Whether you just arrived, want to celebrate a special night or looking for a particular atmosphere, we have a range of Centro restaurants for you to enjoy.  This is by no means all-inclusive, but it will give you restaurant options for every budget.

Top 6 Reasons to Visit the Pueblo Magico of Dolores Hidalgo

The Pueblo Magico of Dolores Hidalgo may be smaller than its neighbor San Miguel de Allende, but it’s rich in Mexican history, art and charm. This tiny town is where Father Miguel Hidalgo gave the cry for independence from the Spanish rule. The Mexican War of Independence may have started in this town, but it’s artistry in ceramics and tile and love of wine are excellent reasons today to visit this enchanting Pueblo Magico.

Best Time of Year To Visit Colonial Mexico

The best travel guide to Central Mexico! Check our monthly calendar for the best tempeatures, wildflowers and local fruit seasons. We also included, airports, safety and other useful information to help you plan your visit.

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