Queretaro Tours

The Queretaro wine country is hyped by Food and Wine Magazine as the next upcoming wine region to discover in the world. Explore the best wineries on one of our exclusive tours.

The Perfect Pueblo Magico and Wine Tour

Explore the wine region of Queretaro and hike the third largest monolith in the world! This day trip is the perfect mix of outdoor fun and wine tasting. Build an appetite by hiking the third largest monolith in the world and taste the best wines in the region based on your wine preferences.

Queretaro Wine Lover’s Tour

If you want to visit the best wineries, this tour is for you. You will taste your choice of wines at three different wineries. This tour will showcase the best grape varietals that grow in the Queretaro wine region.


Marques Farm-to-Table Wine Experience Tour

This unique foodie tour takes you to the farmlands of Queretaro to visit a biodynamic farm, low intervention winery, and a historic hacienda.

Barbacoa, Wine and Beer Tour

For those that have limited time but still want to see and taste the local cuisine, this tour is perfect for you. This tour features lamb barbacoa, a specialty in the Hidalgo and Queretaro region, fantastic red wines at an organic family winery, and beer from the best known craft beer producer in the state of Queretaro.

Local Flavors Tour Queretaro

This tour features a small town in the country known its barbacoa and pulque, a winery known for its sparkling wine, and the most famous craft beer brewery in the state. This tour includes regional cuisine and drinks. There’s a little something for everyone!

Pueblos Magicos Tour Queretaro

Visit two unique pueblos magicos in the state of Queretaro. Bernal is known as the home of the third largest monolith in the world and for its delicious gorditas and cajeta. Tequisquiapan is a walkable little town in the heart of dairy country with picturesque shops, artisan crafts and twisting streets.

Customized Tour Queretaro

We know you want a unique experience when you travel, so why not customize your own tour? Whether you are a passionate wine lover who just wants to sip their way around a few wineries, or a person more interested in the culture, we can help you plan the perfect tour just for you.

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