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The Queretaro wine country is hyped by Food and Wine Magazine as the next upcoming wine region to discover in the world. Explore the best wineries on one of our exclusive tours.

The Perfect Wine and Pueblo Magico Tour

Explore the wine region of Queretaro and hike the third largest monolith in the world! This day trip is the perfect mix of outdoor fun and wine tasting. Build an appetite by hiking the third largest monolith in the world, before dining on a 4-course food & wine pairing and sipping wine while gazing out across the mountains.

Wine Lover’s Tour Queretaro

If you want to visit the best wineries, this tour is for you. We will taste a total of 12 wines at three different wineries. This tour will showcase the best grape varietals that grow in the Queretaro wine region. One winery will also include a 4-course food and wine tasting.

Pueblos Magicos Tour Queretaro

Visit two unique pueblos magicos in the state of Queretaro. Bernal is known as the home of the third largest monolith in the world and for its delicious gorditas and cajeta. Tequisquiapan is a walkable little town in the heart of dairy country with picturesque shops, artisan crafts and twisting streets.

Customized Tour Queretaro

We know you want a unique experience when you travel, so why not customize your own tour? Whether you are a passionate wine lover who just wants to sip their way around a few wineries, or a person more interested in the culture, we can help you plan the perfect tour just for you.

“We did a fair amount of research before we booked our wine tour with Heart of Mexico in the Queretaro wine region. Many of the companies offered only one winery visit with a tour of barrels and tanks and the opportunity to taste two tiny tastes of wine selected by the winery.

Heart of Mexico offered a different approach. They give the tours and discuss all of the challenges and unique characteristics of the region (often in the car between wineries). Tom worked for wineries in the U.S. for many years and he said he knows most Americans have already seen barrels and tanks and don’t need to see more. They also allow you to select your own wine and you get full glasses, not an ounce in the glass. Lastly, they visit two or three wineries a day rather than one (we selected three wineries). As a special bonus we got appetizers at each winery which was included in the price.

We concluded our tour feeling like we had learned a tremendous amount about the state of Queretaro in general and the burgeoning wine region in particular. We were plied with food and wine all day long and Tom and Tiffany even offered to takes us to Hercules Cerveceria to cap off the wonderful day. It was a fantastic adventure and well worth the money.” -Steve from California

Thank you, Tiffany and Tom for taking the guess work out of our Wine Lover’s Tour! We loved the wines, and the service (from you and the wineries) was top notch!

— Joe

The views from each winery were stunning! They were almost as good as the wines!

— Patty

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